I had this whole nice post written out and typed up on my phone, complete with picture but one, the app on my phone doesn't like finding the picture, then crashes when I try to delete it. And two, I can't see the post from my computer afterwards. Whatever, pretty much everything I was going to say doesn't apply anymore.

So, this was the picture that I was going to show you. But Dad's Father's day socks aren't going to look like that tomorrow when I get around talking to you about them. You see, I've had an attack from the inner knitter again, or I guess you could say that I suck at measuring gauge. See, I thought I was working in a gauge of 8.5 sts per inch. Um, yeah, no, it's 7.5 sts per inch... I didn't really stop to ask if it looked too big until today. Yay. Beats waiting until the week before. But that does mean that I'll have less stitches to worry about. Then again, I'm gonna have to rework my math on how much I should work a day so that I can finish somewhat on time. So, yay me. I think some of what got me to look at it like that was that I seemed to be running out of yarn faster than I thought I should be. So, yeah, gotta rip all that and start over. I guess things could be worse, but having a deadline and all makes starting over kinda a bummer.

Bright Blessings!