Hey, Look! Something New!

Progress on the Rainbow Carp top continues apace. (No, I'm a dirty rotten lair. I'm pretty sure I haven't touched the thing since I took a picture of it for yesterday's post.) But honestly, I'm running out of things to talk about with it. (See also, dirty rotten liar.) So instead of painfully pulling teeth about something to say about something that really isn't giving me all that much trouble right now I figured I'd tell you about a different project. This is the sock I referenced when I was mentioning that I could have done something completely wrong on the top yesterday with the underarms because I can be a bit slow sometimes. (The bit that mystified me? A standard abbreviation for marker, and M1 marked as just M on the chart, and switching from reading charts and written instructions in quick session.)

What you see is the sole of the sock an just barely the start of the toe shaping. As I think I said, I found the pattern for this in one of the older issues of Interweave Knits (okay, I did my due diligence and found the issue in Ravelry. I could remember the cover but not when it appeared.) that I have. Granted, I have to fudge with the pattern every so often. I have small but wide feet, it seems. (I blame my mom, we have about the same foot measurements, though we wear different shoe sizes. Yeah, I've given up on trying to figure that one out.) To accommodate my "weird" feet, I cast on as for the smallest size, then followed the instructions, with some fudging of the numbers, for the middle size. So, I'm basically following the instructions except when it comes to telling me specific numbers, then I math and fudge it. I may futz around with the heel and toe pieces and see how big they are and then figure out the rest of the numbers on my own. But I do find it an interesting way to make a sock. Maybe not the way I'll always make them, but certainly a way to break up the monotony of knitting socks. I sometimes tire of seeing the strips lining up the way that they always way do. This doesn't completely stop that, but it does shake things up a bit.

Bright Blessings!



Well, I've been getting work done. You can see the purple folded bit? That's the underarm bit that I was working on last time. So I made some progress. I'm still not quiet sure that I got it right. But I'm going to go with what I've done, because I'm no sure how else one would do it.

Then again I've been working on a new sock style that was in one of my Interweave Knits magazine from a while back, and it took me reading one line of instructions several times before I understood what it was trying to tell me. So, it could just be that I'm being slow. Not out of the realm of possibility.

I want to complain about the weather, but I'm not sure how far I'd get since I think it's too warm for this time of year.

Bright Blessings!


I have been knitting

I swear I have, but probably not as much as I'd like for blogging. Mainly it's just laziness. I'm more playing games and most of the games I own and have access to at this point don't have very much down time. That and it's easier to set aside a controller and knit instead of taking my hands off the keyboard to knit. Distance and all that stuff. I've been trying to watch more videos and such, but there's so much I need to do, and things I want to do. So at times knitting takes a back seat to everything else. Life is happening and I'll probably have less time to work on all the irons I have in the fire. There's this blog, typing up my knitting patterns and set up a way to be able to sell them, and possibly getting into doing let's plays on YouTube (which at some point might lead to something, who knows). But that's not why you come here.

So this is the rainbow carp top that I've been working on since forever ago, it seems. I'm finally to the first arm hole whatchamacallit. Yeah, sure it looks like it lays nice with all the rest of the piece, but it's only attached on one side. I wanted to have it done and started on the next one. That may or may not show how I think the whole thing kinda goes together. Partly because my head can't make sense of what the words are saying, but I think I get what the picture is telling me. So I should be able to get it done. I still need to figure out where I'm gonna get the other size needles I need to do the sleeve caps. But that's still a good ways away, so I'm not too worried about it yet.

Bright Blessings!


I'm horrible at this

And I do kinda have an excuse for lately, moving settling into a new place, in theory learning new skills, and just a whole bunch of other things that shake up one's life and may or may not be conducive to blogging. Yet, I'm always thinking of starting up again. I don't know quite what convinced me to come back, to write anew, and even now the misplacement of a recently started project threatens to derail the whole thing again. That is going to bug me. I started it just last night before I went to bed and now I can't find it.

Seriously, it's no where on the bed or nightstand. (Yes, I keep knitting on my bed at night. No, I don't try to sleep and knit.) It's not stuffed between the bed and wall, bed and nightstand, or nightstand and the wall. It's not on the floor under or around the bed. I've even looked in the pillow cases to see if I some how stuffed it in there while I was sleeping.

Okay, in all honestly, I've been typing madly between trying to find that dang knitting. It appears I shoved it between the comforter and the blanket. Don't ask me, I thought I put it up by the pillows. And then my camera's dead. Probably not surprising given that I don't remember when the last time I turned it on was. I'll get pictures at some point, and possibly get some of the Christmas knitting, which I actually finished on time.

So, now I'm curious, do you leave knitting on your bed? Why or why not?