Still knitting for christmas

First up is Matthias' thing. It's grown quite a bit since you've last seen it. Yet, I'm still not done with the thing. I honestly don't want this to be stretched too much so I'm going to make it nice and long. Even though Matthias has said that he doesn't care if I say what it is, I still don't feel like it. It's private and that's that.

Next up is my dad's present. A wine bottle cozie. Not much to talk about there. They like their wine, and I thought it'd be fun to make them both cozies. Not like it's that hard for me to figure out what I need to do. This isn't completely done yet, I'm going to add something to it but I likely won't show you because, again, personal info and all that jazz. Soon I'll likely be starting the one for my mom. So you'll likely get to see that one grow.

And sorry for the silence, there's been things happening around here that make the knitting progress slowly. One of those was the furnace had a broken wire, and apparently a mildly cold house leads to not that much knitting. Anyhow, that's been taken care of, and I should be able continue knitting as per usual.

Bright Blessings!



One would hope that at some point I'd just get used to this whole posting regularly thing. Part of it is that I had a possibly fun new idea to post around once week. Basically would be a vlog, but you get to watch me knit while I talk. Granted, I had this great idea at the same time I got sick and had a bad cough that threatened to make me lose my voice. I likely was more sick than I wanted to admit, too. I hardly knitted for that couple of days I was really down with whatever crud. Then I kicked myself in the rear because I don't have time to goof off. still balked at knitting the second cuff, and there was at least one hiccup while knitting that, I forgot to yarn over and had to go back and fix that, but otherwise it wasn't that bad. Well, other than I just realized that I forgot to go pick up no-rinse wool wash. So either I try and see if the one yarn shop here is open or I write an i.o.u. for grandma's present, I'm leaning towards the latter.

Then Matthias' thing has been my main go to project for the past couple of days. The little green marker shows today's progress, which probably could be better, but I'm not all that worried about getting lots done on it right now. (Given that I'm not even going to take it to my aunt's house should say something.) But, I've got a good ways to go for that, because it's just at the length it could be pinned and used for it's purpose, but it's not supposed to be pinned so longer it's gotta be.

Bright Blessings!


So, lately I've been trying to spend as little time as possible just "doing nothing." Granted, most of my job is just to be at the slowest register in the building to ring up people if they want to eat the store or similar. So that several hours and not having much to do some days. (Honestly, it depends on the time in the day, and it's for offering any specials. Some days are crazy, and you can't get a break it seems.) Sometimes I write to keep myself entertained, but how much I have to write on any given day varies and so at times I'm still left with time that I don't have very much to do. In these times I do my best to remember to practice looking for auras.

Granted, I haven't been able to see much lately. At the best of times, it's mainly just the etheric body. A couple of things that I've noticed are that it easier to see such things without vision correction (and if you know anything about me, I horrible vision without correction) and that there seems to be a golden distance. Too far away and it just blends and everything around it, too close and I'm looking to see if I can distinguish details of the person, or at least my brain seems to be doing that even though I may not be. I can't really to find the distant indeterminate number. I just know when people are in that as I start seeing I guess it's kind of a clear bubble or distortion that isn't how my vision just fusses out after a certain distance. (I only have about 12 inches from my nose of clear vision.) I do welcome any tips or tricks for being able to see auras better. Lately, I've just been doing practice practice practice.

Bright Blessings!


Despite some difficulties

So, that cuff got ripped back twice, once because I wanted to add that hidden ribbing. The second? Because I gained a stitch and couldn't figure out where it came from and didn't really feel like spending the energy to find it. I tried knitting on, but the pattern didn't line up, and so I ripped and starting from the start of the cuff. Then I lost a stitch, but I found it and fixed that. Probably messed up the gauge for that part of the sock, but I don't even remember where that was other than it was in the 4th row of the pattern.

And if we're talking about all the goofs I had on this cuff, we can't forget the two times I lost the rhythm of the lace pattern (yes, it's lace.) while knitting one row at work. Granted, my full attention wasn't on what was going on in my hands. But despite all that, I got the sock done today, and since my grandma has weird feet, the second one will go a lot faster than the first. Yes, I've started it, but I'm kinda wanting to stop thinking now since I've coughed myself a headache. (Went to bed one night without a cough, woke up coughing the next morning. I think it's just the dry winter air being mean.)

Bright Blessings!


Well, I lied, but it's all good

So, apparently the inner knitter has be silent, which is actually good because she slows down my knitting. Which is bad because I'm knitting on a deadline, and I actually spent most of yesterday knitting, and you can see that I got a good deal done on the sock. Actually, that's a bit deceiving on how much I actually got done yesterday. I got up to the hidden ribbing. In the picture to the left that would be about where the needles are sitting. Yeah, it appears that when I actually work on something it actually grows a bit like magic, or maybe hair. You don't notice that it's growing and then you turn around and it's time to do something different.
One thing that doesn't seem to be showing up all that well in any of the pictures is that the yarn isn't actually solid. There are little stripes of a little bit darker blue. You can kind of see it around the shaded part of the toe up above. I decided that since these are for my grandma that I'd make and extra special folded over cuff. Part of that is she does have a swollen leg/foot and isn't suppose to be wearing anything constricting on that leg. I figure if the bind off is a few inches away from the leg that there's no chance for binding. Though I actually have no clue if they'll actually stay up. I guess that would have been something good to figure out before now. I'm hoping that little bit of ribbing will help. (Also? This is probably one of the few times these socks will see snow. That grandma is basically wheelchair bound, so I'm not too worried about her wearing through them.)

Also? As I was heading out to get those pictures I remembered that I have another present that I wanted to make. I really should make a list of these things a few months ahead and figure out how long it'll take me to make things, then I wouldn't be rushing towards a deadline. Granted, I'm glad that I've been introduced to the gaming community on Youtube because that gives me something to help me entertain my brain while my hands go. But I should probably get back to knitting, got music going now because I'm working a lace pattern and that takes a bit more attention. Oh, well, I'm sure my grandma will love these, until my grandpa felts them...

Bright Blessings!


gauge arguments

So, you remember the other day when I said that I was shunning my grandma sock? Well, hopefully that's over, unless a gauge to decide to be a dirty rotten liar again. I gauge was off, and the sock was close to being 10 inches around.
And someone may have forgotten to figure in the slight negative ease that socks have. I'll have to have a stern talk with whoever that is. Maybe dock their pay for the transgression. All silliness aside, I've restarted the socks and for now that pesky Internet or is being quiet, we'll see for how long that lasts. (I have no doubt I'll be battling her for a while as the little painful to knit through that mentally.)

Bright blessings!


okay, maybe an actual update?

So, yeah, it's a short scarf. I remember when I made my dad's first scarf it was short, but really short (granted, the concept of gauge had not been discussed with me at that point.) It was just long enough to fold in front and seal any cracks and let out any warmth, so that's what I was aiming for here sure I could have worked another couple of rows eeked out each every inch I could out of that yarn but meh it soft and cuddly. (Watch my grandma steal it.)

Okay, so this is the last bit of knitting I need to do for Matthias' present, and then maybe I can send it off for him to get it. It's a thing, and that's all I'm going to say about it. Mainly because it's not my place to talk about his business, unless it's with him. You're free to guess what you think it may be. I was highly entertained the time that it can hold a fold. I'm not wrecking my wrists, but I'm using a stitch pattern that makes a tight fabric, mainly because too many holes to make it kind of pointless.

Bright blessings!


Shorty Update

Sorry for a lack of pictures, but I've completely one present, approaching some semblance of done on another, and currently shunning grandma's sock.

I'm shunning the sock because my head keeps going "Don't you think that looks a bit big?" when it's probably not, it's just larger than my own feet. I've gotten my needle gauge out of hiding and will likely commence arguing with it in a few moments. (So far, if anything my gauge is too tight.)

Bright Blessings!


Progress? Um, Well...

So, mending is a slow process, and when I thought I was done with one sock, I found another worn area that should be tended to. Doesn't help that I don't have a good bright lamp or light to shine on my work. That made it a little hard to see where the needle was suppose to go at times. And it was rainbow yarn I was mending, so it's not like it was overly dark or anything. So I need a lamp, or a good book light at least.

And then there's Christmas knitting, which would be moving along nicely except I need to finish the stuff for Matthias, this scarf, a pair of socks (at least 13 hours), and two wine bottle cozies. Granted, the scarf and the socks are about all that need to be finished "on time." Poor Matthias is still waiting for last year's presents (they're done, I just need to get them in the mail). The cozies and Matthias' stuff needs to be mailed, and it's not like I'm known for a paragon of being on time for this. (I can manage miracles sometimes, but well, you'll see.) And my parents can wait for theirs, and I asked them some pretty specific questions so the longer it takes me the less they'll remember about it. And I probably shouldn't have spent most of yesterday playing Terraria. I don't really regret it, it's a fun game, but I have better things to be doing with my time right now. Though one good thing about this scarf is it's 20 stitches, not all that long. Brioche stitch might mean it'll take a few more rows to complete than usual, but I want something nice and thick for Grandpa. We'll see if I can stay off Terraria any better today.

Bright Blessings!