Still knitting for christmas

First up is Matthias' thing. It's grown quite a bit since you've last seen it. Yet, I'm still not done with the thing. I honestly don't want this to be stretched too much so I'm going to make it nice and long. Even though Matthias has said that he doesn't care if I say what it is, I still don't feel like it. It's private and that's that.

Next up is my dad's present. A wine bottle cozie. Not much to talk about there. They like their wine, and I thought it'd be fun to make them both cozies. Not like it's that hard for me to figure out what I need to do. This isn't completely done yet, I'm going to add something to it but I likely won't show you because, again, personal info and all that jazz. Soon I'll likely be starting the one for my mom. So you'll likely get to see that one grow.

And sorry for the silence, there's been things happening around here that make the knitting progress slowly. One of those was the furnace had a broken wire, and apparently a mildly cold house leads to not that much knitting. Anyhow, that's been taken care of, and I should be able continue knitting as per usual.

Bright Blessings!