I seemed to have worked out the kink in my shoulder that would cause it to knot up while knitting. At least Monday night while I knit with my friend I didn't feel my shoulder knotting up. I took the above hat band with me. I know I worked on the purple to the yellow at the least, maybe some of the blue. It's always nice to be able to sit around and talk with a friend who understands crafty stuff. She liked watching the colors change (except for the weird brown between the purple and yellow, until it turned to gold, then it was alright again). I can't say I'm overly impressed with the yarn (they're both the same yarn), it's a single ply and I don't think it's all that tightly spun. Which means that I have to watch myself or it's really easy to split the yarn. Otherwise, I do like how it's turning out, though.

Bright Blessings!



I need to take care of myself. Despite really wanting that top done in time to wear it for my birthday, I think I really need to take a week or so off of knitting. I've noticed a knot on my right shoulder blade (there's one on the left too, but I notice the right one more) and I think it's related to my knitting somehow. So, yeah, I'm going to take at least a week off of knitting and see how I feel. My dad has lots of massage devices laying around and has given me permission to use them as liberally as I need to. So, I'll probably be trying to loosen up my shoulders a bit each night.

Bright Blessings!


Newish Things

If you've been with me for a while, or just flipped back through the archives you may notice that I used to have little bags that I carried around my sock projects in. I would clip them onto my belt loop and run around with knitting on my hip, or hook it onto my purse and be happy with it there. I have since ripped out the little bit that the bags hung by (mostly by shutting the drawstring in my car door and walking off). I've been missing those bags and can't seem to find them or a good replacement for them. I had taken a seam ripper to one and showed it to Mom, we just haven't done anything about making more.

So, I'm kinda trying to make one, or at least something similar. That was mostly done during Christmas Eve. Mom and I sat for a while and crocheted together.

Bright Blessings!


Rainbow Carp

I've made a decision. I want to be able to wear this top on my next birthday. Which I've done the math, well, at least as much of it as I can do, and will be trying to work at least two squares a day. It might be pushing things while I'm still working on finishing up the last Christmas present, but I still think it's doable. Oh, it's not just the squares, it would be the little triangley bits too. Well, as long as I don't have to do two of the huge squares in one night right now, I should be good to go. I've still been being nice to myself and my wrists (not so much to my shoulders, but they're a little harder for me to reach).

I did fold this along the lines in the diagram for where the front and the back are for the picture, just to kinda help give an idea what the top is going to look like. We're looking at the public side of the back of the top, mainly because that's where I'm still working. I'm sure we'll see the front in a couple of days when I get the current strip around to that side.

Bright Blessings!

(If I think of it before this post goes live, I may pop in an update picture on Mom's blanket.)


Well then, Progress Update

So, that's how far I've gotten on the late Christmas present. It was kinda funny because Mom came up a while after I had taken that picture and fussed with it because I apparently hadn't laid it out straight. There's a Rupert for scale. Yes, I've actually pictured the yarn with the blanket for once. I've been using the Caron Big Cakes for this, and after doing some internet research a day or two after starting this and My Guy's blanket thing I went out and bought more yarn for each project having the feeling that I wouldn't have enough to finish either project. I used about a ball and half of each color on his, and I'm sure glad I have the extra yarn for this. You'll have to click to embiggen, but I'm nearly out of the red. I'll have tons left over, but that's better than running short.

I'm thinking I need to collect this information and have it like in the front of my knitting notebook. I might keep that on hand. Either that or in a doc on my phone or another easily accessible place. Any suggestions?

Bright Blessings!



So, I had pulled out my Rainbow Carp last night and was working on it, because well, Mom's blanket is going well. I don't have too much to complain about there. It's also been a long time since I worked on it and really, I just want my rainbow top. So, yeah, I had pulled it out and was working on it when I noticed I had made a mistake. I'm not ripping back and fixing it. It's likely the style of mistake that I am the only one who will know it's there, and if others do, well it adds character. Also, I don't really want to go back and rework another row and a half or so of squares. It takes me a while to work up each one, and I'm lucky if I get one of the larger ones done in a day. I'm also of the mind that if it's not going to ruin the project, then I'm not going to worry about it. Also, given that it took me this long to notice? Probably not a big deal. (I just know you guys like to see when I mess up.)

Bright Blessings!


Well, then

Looks like I made a good bit of progress after all. I kinda knew that given that I went down over ten stitches just on Christmas Day. I still can't lay it out flat while it's on the needles, but that'll come with time. Personally, I'd like to have this done by Jan 6th, if not earlier so I can say that I got it done during the Christmas season. (Pet peeve, the 12 days of Christmas are from the Christmas to Epiphany, not the days before Christmas like all the retailers want you to think.) So, that's kinda my goal. Looks like I'd need to do about eight ridges a day to reach that goal.

No, this was not all done recently...

I've found that I like knitting while digging an obscenely large hole in Minecraft. I either dig out the level and knit the corresponding number of stitches (usually 256, good luck keeping count) or dig as far as I can reach, run to pick up everything that dropped and then knit those 1-5 stitches (there's actually an area where I could have up to 10 stitches, but it only happens once per layer.)

Bright Blessings!