So, On Sunday

We had  a major thunderstorm pass through. (For those who don't know, I live in eastern Nebraska right by the Iowa border.) It had a history of producing tornadoes, but was more producing strong winds and straight line winds by the time it hit us. Monday I went for a walk in the park nearby, I had a feeling I'd find a fallen tree. I found it towards the end of the walk, I didn't get good pictures until yesterday (and today, they've cleaned it all up for the most part, the only remains are the stump.)

Yeah, this young tree is gone too. It was mauled by the falling tree, practically all it's branches were striped off by the bigger tree. Some of the reason I was looking was I'm always awed by the power of something that seems so insubstantial to batter and move something that seems so sturdy and unmoving. Then again, I have two pictures up there showing the fallen tree was clearly rotten, and needed to be removed before there was any chance for it to fall.

Bright Blessings.


Some actual knitting, madness

Granted, you haven't seen this since October (or it's been longer than that and I just have the picture for a random reason). It's just hard fro me to sit down and work on this for long periods of time. Some of it is the two balls of yarn that are changed out ever other row. I don't know why that makes any real difference. I like the way it's looking. Yes, it might have looked nicer if I didn't have the colors making diagonal lines, but I didn't want a billion ends to weave in when I was done, but even the way it is there's going to be a lot of ends to weave in by the time I'm done.

I finally got around to making a photo copy of the pattern, all 8 pages of it. You can see the markings that I've made on the page. You've probably heard it enough, be we are allowed a copy of the pattern, especially if you make notes on it. I kept getting confused where I was and what I was suppose to be doing. So having the page that I can mark on to show where I am should help me keep track of where I am. Yes, I'm making it a bit shorter than the pattern says I should. I was thinking that it was going to be too long, even after I figured out that I was holding the strips at the wrong angle.

Bright Blessings!


For lack of anything better

I didn't really get much knitting done last night, and don't have much witchy to be talking about right now. Though I did get the latest copy of Interweave Knits on my nook this morning. I might have been distracted by knitting porn at work this morning. I keep my nook hidden away in a drawer next to me, as I don't think it'd be that wise to get caught reading on an electronic device at work. There's about two items in this issue that I really want to make. One is to the right, the Ocracoke Cardigan. I don't know, I think it looks really pretty and would probably look really nice on me. Who knows when I'll get around to making it. I should finish up the top I'm working on right now. I know that I tend to be a fickle, fickle knitter and will abandon things if they just aren't what I want to be making at that time. But I do think that this looks really nice.

Next up is the Kayleen Pullover. Not that I need the detail around the neckline to draw attention to my bust. But I still think that it looks nice. Maybe I'm going completely crazy. Though maybe I'm not completely sane in the first place. Evidence? I'm going to go on a quest to figure how much money it would take to make all the sweaters I want with the recommended yarn. I may go through and par down my raverly queue first before I do that, but that's me.

Bright Blessings!


 So, I have been knitting. I finished the last pair of auction socks and started on another pair for the auction. I've gotten pretty far on this pair. Shouldn't really be too much longer before I can start the cuff and be done with the first. (Then I'll need to figure out what I did with other ball of yarn. But shh, don't let anyone else know about that.) I've gotten back into watching shows on hulu as well as watching some of my game people on youtube (not to mention science news stuff) so I should be able to work out a lot of time to work on this. I should probably put that sock on and see if someone would help me get a good picture of it.

And because at one point I lost one of the needles I needed to work on the sock i picked up this thing again. It's going to be a hat. I probably talked about this before, but around thanksgiving I lost my favorite hat. I was wearing it when I went someplace and when I got home I wasn't wearing it, and haven't been able to find it since. So, yeah, I'm working on the band part right now. Then I'll pick up stitches around one edge and work up for the top. Pretty simple when you actually do it. My top will be done in the cable color. Mainly because I think it looks nice that way.

Bright Blessings!



I was fighting with my printer last night, as I print out what I'm going to edit and then read it through for editing. Sometimes there's lots of marks, sometimes not. Just depends on the page and how critical I'm feeling. Last night, things just weren't going well. At best I got 3-4 pages to print without the thing jamming up. I couldn't figure out what the problem could be and went to bed frustrated.

Then my guy tells me to check the feeder out today. Umm, that's a pen. There was a pen in my printer causing all the problems. I kinda know how it got in there. My desk is a mess. But let that be a lesson learned to me to keep my printer all nice and folded up so that random objects don't migrate towards the back of the printer where they don't belong and will muck up the works. Yes, I've removed the pen, it took a chop stick (it was the closest skinny object at hand) and gravity. I can't really stick my hand in the feed slot, it's a little skinny, but at least my printer is behaving now. So, I fixed my printer because there was something in there that shouldn't be...

Bright Blessings!