So, I call myself pagan, but I hardly talk about anything related to that, don't I? I think I might know why that is, or at least part of it. A good while back I was part of a forum called Witchforum.net.
There's no link because it's not there anymore. The forum and all the content is probably saved somewhere on a server, but it's had to have been a year or so since the forum was actually around. I'm still in contact with a friend from there. We talk, more about our writing than about much else. And there's not much in my life that promotes pagany thoughts. I probably just need to apply myself harder is all. Yet, I miss Witchforum. Yeah, hardly anyone lived near me, but that didn't really matter. It felt like a family, even if I was a lurker.

I could look for a coven or some community where I live, but idk. I feel like I'm busy enough with my job, a boyfriend, and keeping other friends happy. We'll see, I guess. I'm very happy by myself on a lot of things, and I don't really want to have celebrations and the like dictated by others. Then again, I'm really not doing anything for them by myself at the moment. I think I might try applying myself more.

Bright Blessings!


Chugging Away

So, I'm over 2/3rds done with Mom's present. Also, raise your hand if you're not surprised that I'm making these gloves without a pattern. (Really, knowing me, that should be about everyone reading this.) I've actually knit gloves without a pattern before. I believe that was done back in college before I ever started this blog, and clearly made during a period where I wasn't thinking of Rav. I haven't added it yet, but I have the special thread that I can embroider on so Mom can use her smartphone without taking her gloves off.

For all the progress I've made, I don't really have much to say. The worst that's happened is I've either forgotten to bring a side cable in one when I should have or I miss-crossed a cable. (I'm really tired today.) Not really worrying about those. (Please note the tired.) Most of that not caring is that my mom's not going to care. She may notice, but she likely will love them all the same. Add to that, unless she shows them off to another knitter, no one's likely to notice the mistakes anyhow. Well, when I told my crocheter friend about them and showed her where one such mistake was, she was able to find it, but that doesn't count. (Really, how many lay people have the attention to those details as we do?) So, I'm not worried about it

And, I guess I'm a dirty, rotten liar again. (I seem to be a dirty, rotten liar a lot.) Having made the first glove for this hat and glove set, I want some for me. That's going on my list. Yarn enough to make a hat and glove set for me.

Bright Blessings!


Little progess

Hat and glove cuff
I basically did not craft today. Like, I'm gonna work on mom's slippers before settling down to sleep like I always do, but I didn't work on her glove at all. Mainly because I spend most of the day in bed. Not because I wasn't feeling good or anything, just lazy.

Probably doesn't help that I'm still miffed that my mom bought a new coat and now wants a hat and gloves to match that coat when I was busy working on a hat and gloves for her old coat. So, in the picture, you can see the hat and what I have done of the glove cuff. I'm likely going to finish that repeat and then bind off and start the glove part proper. I'm kinda at the point where she's going to have to deal with getting what I've already started. Still annoyed, but there's not much I can do about it now.

Bright Blessings!


Darn it!

Slippers for stockings
So, I've been diligently working on a hat and gloves set for my Mother for Christmas, and it was even planned to go with her coat. Well, that is until Saturday it was going to go with her coat. You see, Saturday she decided that she needed to go out and get a new coat. Dad was with her and knew what I'm making for her, but there's only so much you can say to dissuade someone from something like that before you tip them off. What makes it more maddening for me is she showed me the coat last night and made a comment that maybe she needs a hat and gloves to go with it. I'm not turning back and starting over. Just gonna keep going.

The picture is actually one of the slippers I'm planning on making for stockings plus the start of the next one. I know, I know, I really need to get my butt into gear on these. They really are good mindless knitting. I generally work on them in the morning and at night when I'm playing stupid idle games to wind down for the night. Not really much else to say about these, except for the color is off. (Likely the fault of my camera and top lights.) The kinda tannish areas on the slippers should be either white or pale purples.

Just curious, how is everyone else getting ready for the holidays?

Bright Blessings!


Friday Knitting

This may not last for very much longer, but part of the reason I've been knitting more is that each Friday a friend and I hang out after work and craft. Probably won't last much longer as she's a student about to graduate, and once she does she'll be heading home. Currently, I've been bringing my Christmas projects to work on more. (I've had to stop the super stealth knitting as my mom got too smart for that...)

Also, I'm a dirty rotten liar yet again. Yesterday I said that the hats and gloves would be the only Christmas knitting that I'm doing. Um, I've got two more projects. I'm nearing halfway on the first of those two. I found a fairly quick and nice looking slipper pattern. I'm making a pair for both parents as stocking stuffers. So, yeah, dirty rotten liar. I'll try to get better at that.

Bright Blessings!



Me, hiding behind knitting from the camera
Well, I have been knitting lately. Actually, quite a bit, but really haven't been thinking about blogging. I have no excuse for not blogging more, well other than just really not thinking about it, which we all know is me. (Hey, I'm a Pisces, for all that means...) And there's some catching up to do.

First off, a bit of sad news. Back in the beginning of February, we had to put down one of my parent's cats. He was old, nearing 20 if not older, and seriously ill to boot. A cat who in his prime must have weighed near 15 pounds (he was never a fat cat, just big and all muscle) was 6 lbs when he was put down. As sad as that is, he was the yarn eater that I've mentioned before, so I don't need to be as protective of my yarn now, thus knitting more.

I've made a bunch of progress on the Crazy Pants. I mainly work on it after I get up and before I head out to work. Not a lot of time granted, but it all adds up. I'll have to gather up some of the blocks for a picture on that. Been dabbling in blanket projects because I want a snuggly warm blanket. (Seriously, who doesn't?) Finally, working on a project for Christmas. The only one I have planned. A hat and gloves set for my mom. (Need to set up the gloves as a project in Rav, yet.) Actually, the knitting in the picture is part of the hat, and I basically finished that a day or two ago. Just need to sew up the cable band and weave in my ends.

Started on the gloves last night, too. Not very far along on those. Well, I'll be farther along by the time this is posted. I'm inverting the colors from how you see them on the hat. So green is the background color and white/cream the cable color. And, I've also been trying to teach myself to work with yarn in both hands. It's weird. Doable, but weird.

Feel free to share your holiday projects down in the comments.

Bright Blessings!