Friday Knitting

This may not last for very much longer, but part of the reason I've been knitting more is that each Friday a friend and I hang out after work and craft. Probably won't last much longer as she's a student about to graduate, and once she does she'll be heading home. Currently, I've been bringing my Christmas projects to work on more. (I've had to stop the super stealth knitting as my mom got too smart for that...)

Also, I'm a dirty rotten liar yet again. Yesterday I said that the hats and gloves would be the only Christmas knitting that I'm doing. Um, I've got two more projects. I'm nearing halfway on the first of those two. I found a fairly quick and nice looking slipper pattern. I'm making a pair for both parents as stocking stuffers. So, yeah, dirty rotten liar. I'll try to get better at that.

Bright Blessings!