Chugging Away

So, I'm over 2/3rds done with Mom's present. Also, raise your hand if you're not surprised that I'm making these gloves without a pattern. (Really, knowing me, that should be about everyone reading this.) I've actually knit gloves without a pattern before. I believe that was done back in college before I ever started this blog, and clearly made during a period where I wasn't thinking of Rav. I haven't added it yet, but I have the special thread that I can embroider on so Mom can use her smartphone without taking her gloves off.

For all the progress I've made, I don't really have much to say. The worst that's happened is I've either forgotten to bring a side cable in one when I should have or I miss-crossed a cable. (I'm really tired today.) Not really worrying about those. (Please note the tired.) Most of that not caring is that my mom's not going to care. She may notice, but she likely will love them all the same. Add to that, unless she shows them off to another knitter, no one's likely to notice the mistakes anyhow. Well, when I told my crocheter friend about them and showed her where one such mistake was, she was able to find it, but that doesn't count. (Really, how many lay people have the attention to those details as we do?) So, I'm not worried about it

And, I guess I'm a dirty, rotten liar again. (I seem to be a dirty, rotten liar a lot.) Having made the first glove for this hat and glove set, I want some for me. That's going on my list. Yarn enough to make a hat and glove set for me.

Bright Blessings!