So, I call myself pagan, but I hardly talk about anything related to that, don't I? I think I might know why that is, or at least part of it. A good while back I was part of a forum called Witchforum.net.
There's no link because it's not there anymore. The forum and all the content is probably saved somewhere on a server, but it's had to have been a year or so since the forum was actually around. I'm still in contact with a friend from there. We talk, more about our writing than about much else. And there's not much in my life that promotes pagany thoughts. I probably just need to apply myself harder is all. Yet, I miss Witchforum. Yeah, hardly anyone lived near me, but that didn't really matter. It felt like a family, even if I was a lurker.

I could look for a coven or some community where I live, but idk. I feel like I'm busy enough with my job, a boyfriend, and keeping other friends happy. We'll see, I guess. I'm very happy by myself on a lot of things, and I don't really want to have celebrations and the like dictated by others. Then again, I'm really not doing anything for them by myself at the moment. I think I might try applying myself more.

Bright Blessings!