What Progress I Made

So, what I worked on mostly was the disk you see to the left. Often times even when it hurts for me to knit, I'm still able to crochet. He wanted a bag like one that i made for myself. He got lucky when I started it early because the the base is crocheted. I just haven't felt up to any of the other crochet projects I have, and I wanted to get a start on this because it's going to be fairly large. (He doesn't read this so I'm not too worried about him seeing this and ruining the surprise. Not that there's a whole lot of surprise in the first place.) Also? there will be a progression of cat in each picture, Whiny-butt was interested in what I was doing.
Because I'm putting something in my usual day to day knitting spot, I felt it was only fair to put my sideways sock (which is about a third done now) in the traveling sock spot. The one I had been talking about only a maybe a needle full of stitches worked on between the last time you saw it and now. Mainly the choice was influenced by I still want to move projects out of the queue. It's easier to do that with the sideways sock as I have one done than with the current traveling sock, which is still on it's first. So, that's something to keep an eye on. I'll be keeping the timed sock in it's current place. That's not going to be long to finish now anyhow.
Finally, the Miss Fickle Knitter part, my day to day project is a bag to help me keep track of some things. Probably isn't a great shot of the the knitting itself. I think I was just wanting this photo shoot to get done with. What with the cat becoming more and more interested in playing as I moved and arranged items in what I hoped would be somewhat visually appealing. That and I should have gotten closer here. I'm using a stitch pattern that's causing that scalloping on the edge. Not saying what I picked, but I picked it for a reason. You may be able to guess once I get a good picture of a finished repeat or two, and I'll say, my choice may have been influenced because I know what's going in the bag.

Bright Blessings and Happy Knitting!


My Reasons (Excuses?)

Quick version of what caused my silence? Campnano and shinies.

Honestly, I haven't been doing much crafting at all. There's been creativity, it's just been coming through as writing instead of yarny goodness. Which is probably good and bad for my wrist. Honestly, I should go see a doctor about it... (It hasn't really been bothering me lately.) Just don't want to be told to stop knitting, or crocheting, or cross stitching or all of the above. I'm going to at least brace at night, even if it's not acting up. Will keep me from doing something stupid while I sleep. I have plenty of chances for that at work.

I'm also being Miss Fickle Knitter again, I have the second sideways sock started, but really feel like they've lost their appeal for blogging right now. I mean you've seen one get made, the second one probably going to pretty much the same, yeah? Might talk about something else for a time. Mainly because it seems more interesting than the second garter stitch sock. If anyone disagrees feel free to tell me either here or on G+.

Bright Blessings!


A Little Snippet

A knitter had a friend going through a rough patch in her life. She knew her friend was lost and confused, and she gathered a few gifts and went to her friend.

"I don't completely know what you're going through," said the knitter. "But I'm here and I care for you. Here's some things I hope will help, I know they help me. First, a journal and pen, write every day, just anything that's rattling around in your head. Second, yarn and needles. Even if you're not away of it, the focus of knitting allows your brain to process what's going on. Come on, I'll teach you."

NOTE: This is not indicative of anything going on in my life. The silence was caused by life happening and general not knitting (some of it wrist related). My mind wanders as I knit if I don't give it music or tv, this floated to the surface recently. I'll give a proper update after work.

Bright Blessings