A Little Snippet

A knitter had a friend going through a rough patch in her life. She knew her friend was lost and confused, and she gathered a few gifts and went to her friend.

"I don't completely know what you're going through," said the knitter. "But I'm here and I care for you. Here's some things I hope will help, I know they help me. First, a journal and pen, write every day, just anything that's rattling around in your head. Second, yarn and needles. Even if you're not away of it, the focus of knitting allows your brain to process what's going on. Come on, I'll teach you."

NOTE: This is not indicative of anything going on in my life. The silence was caused by life happening and general not knitting (some of it wrist related). My mind wanders as I knit if I don't give it music or tv, this floated to the surface recently. I'll give a proper update after work.

Bright Blessings