My Reasons (Excuses?)

Quick version of what caused my silence? Campnano and shinies.

Honestly, I haven't been doing much crafting at all. There's been creativity, it's just been coming through as writing instead of yarny goodness. Which is probably good and bad for my wrist. Honestly, I should go see a doctor about it... (It hasn't really been bothering me lately.) Just don't want to be told to stop knitting, or crocheting, or cross stitching or all of the above. I'm going to at least brace at night, even if it's not acting up. Will keep me from doing something stupid while I sleep. I have plenty of chances for that at work.

I'm also being Miss Fickle Knitter again, I have the second sideways sock started, but really feel like they've lost their appeal for blogging right now. I mean you've seen one get made, the second one probably going to pretty much the same, yeah? Might talk about something else for a time. Mainly because it seems more interesting than the second garter stitch sock. If anyone disagrees feel free to tell me either here or on G+.

Bright Blessings!