So, On Sunday

We had  a major thunderstorm pass through. (For those who don't know, I live in eastern Nebraska right by the Iowa border.) It had a history of producing tornadoes, but was more producing strong winds and straight line winds by the time it hit us. Monday I went for a walk in the park nearby, I had a feeling I'd find a fallen tree. I found it towards the end of the walk, I didn't get good pictures until yesterday (and today, they've cleaned it all up for the most part, the only remains are the stump.)

Yeah, this young tree is gone too. It was mauled by the falling tree, practically all it's branches were striped off by the bigger tree. Some of the reason I was looking was I'm always awed by the power of something that seems so insubstantial to batter and move something that seems so sturdy and unmoving. Then again, I have two pictures up there showing the fallen tree was clearly rotten, and needed to be removed before there was any chance for it to fall.

Bright Blessings.