Some actual knitting, madness

Granted, you haven't seen this since October (or it's been longer than that and I just have the picture for a random reason). It's just hard fro me to sit down and work on this for long periods of time. Some of it is the two balls of yarn that are changed out ever other row. I don't know why that makes any real difference. I like the way it's looking. Yes, it might have looked nicer if I didn't have the colors making diagonal lines, but I didn't want a billion ends to weave in when I was done, but even the way it is there's going to be a lot of ends to weave in by the time I'm done.

I finally got around to making a photo copy of the pattern, all 8 pages of it. You can see the markings that I've made on the page. You've probably heard it enough, be we are allowed a copy of the pattern, especially if you make notes on it. I kept getting confused where I was and what I was suppose to be doing. So having the page that I can mark on to show where I am should help me keep track of where I am. Yes, I'm making it a bit shorter than the pattern says I should. I was thinking that it was going to be too long, even after I figured out that I was holding the strips at the wrong angle.

Bright Blessings!