I was fighting with my printer last night, as I print out what I'm going to edit and then read it through for editing. Sometimes there's lots of marks, sometimes not. Just depends on the page and how critical I'm feeling. Last night, things just weren't going well. At best I got 3-4 pages to print without the thing jamming up. I couldn't figure out what the problem could be and went to bed frustrated.

Then my guy tells me to check the feeder out today. Umm, that's a pen. There was a pen in my printer causing all the problems. I kinda know how it got in there. My desk is a mess. But let that be a lesson learned to me to keep my printer all nice and folded up so that random objects don't migrate towards the back of the printer where they don't belong and will muck up the works. Yes, I've removed the pen, it took a chop stick (it was the closest skinny object at hand) and gravity. I can't really stick my hand in the feed slot, it's a little skinny, but at least my printer is behaving now. So, I fixed my printer because there was something in there that shouldn't be...

Bright Blessings!