So, I didn't mean to go quiet there. Mainly because last Tuesday I smashed my fingers into a counter at work, which then made my wrist not happy. I did finish the knitting on my mother's present yesterday and got it all nicely bound off. Though I've got to warn that my updating for the next few days is probably going to be a bit spotty, this morning (because of the cold) I had to really yank on the wheel, which has upset my wrist again. I'll do what I can, but I'm not going to be stupid and try to do things that will make things get worse. Which sadly does mean that knitting progress for about a week or so will be quite a bit slower than usual. (Which kinda sucks, because I want to finish something I just started before I send off my parent's package.)

Yes, I know, I have my dad's cozie in that picture, and yes, there is wine in that bottle that I haven't drunk. But I thought it would be nice for you to see that it's not just a floppy thing. And Mom's is larger because it's for sparkling whine and such. Though I do have to say that I enjoyed using the black yarn more than the purple. Mostly because it's softer and I think just a tad thinner than the purple. I still have a bit more to do on these, so maybe I'll get on that while my wrist isn't being happy at knitting. Despite my wrist, I should at least be able to crochet or something of the like as well. So hopefully I'll be able to show progress on something in the mean time while I'm waiting for my wrist to start feeling better.

Bright Blessings!