Half Finished Project

So the other day I finished the first half of the auction socks. Yes, I have so many other things in mind for getting down for that. I still have close to two years so shush. And, after knitting so I can write up patterns, and mom's sock this is what I work on. (though, it doesn't help that my wrist keeps going ouchie lately. I've been trying to heal it when I have time to spare to focus on that.) So you've seen the completed sock. Wondering how far along on the next one I am? Don't hold your breath, the picture isn't that impressive. (Also? Ignore the date, my camera was being stupid. The date reset itself.)
There you go, that's how far along on the second one is. Sorry, the flash apparently goes crazy when I put my hand in the shot. (It wouldn't focus right when it was on my knee.) It is the same yarn as the other sock, so everything should work out alright.

Bright Blessings!