Sorry about the silence. I'm kinda at a point in my own personal cycle where I'm really into a game and that's about all I want to do with my free time. Probably not the most healthy thing, but I do try to regulate it, or at least do my best to make sure it's not interfering with work and that I'm exercising. I have been knitting in the down time of the game I'm really into. Granted, I started a random new project instead of looking for a project that I should have been working on in the first place. To top it all off? I wasn't happy with any of the ways it was looking and it's a pile of yarn and not anything that looks like there was any progress made.

I did pick up my dragon at one point with the intent of putting on the legs, but I'm being fussy about that too, and so nothing got done. I'll probably go find some scrap yarn to map out where I want to pick up the stitches and then do the work, but the way it looked after picking up with the knitting needle didn't impress me. We'll see what I can do for actual knitting tomorrow.

Bright Blessings!