Crafting Crack

I have decided that sewing is crafting crack. I wasn't even close to having these done by the time I got home from work yesterday. Then shortly, I had four bags faster than if I had knit them. Though there was a bit of trail and error with these. One is completely hand sewn (it'll have dark stitches going across the top). One is completely sewn by machine. The other two are a combo. I found that for this project it was best to sew the bit for the drawstring and down the side on machine and then sewing the bottom of the bag on by hand. Completely by hand works, but this way sped up the process greatly. Now all I have to do is make the ties for the bags and all of his stuff can be packed up and sent of.

I did do a little knitting yesterday as well. Most of it you see in the picture on the right. Some how I managed to loose one of my most favorite hats, so I had a bit of spare money and picked up the yarn to make a similar one to the one I lost. Granted, I'm using a darker background yarn than I did originally, but I thought it might help the colors pop more. Though somehow I was able to forget the fact that the cable yarn has some very bright spots in it, even while I was at the store holding the yarn in question. Don't ask me how this escaped my attention. I don't know, it just did. But I still think it looks pretty. And a plus? My wrist didn't hurt or ache over having to do that much knitting! Yay for healing!

Bright Blessings!