Mom's Socks

So, here's what I had of my mom's socks. She had found the yarn at an art fair and called me up asking if what the dyer wanted was a fair price. Which got me to rambling, but in the end I did think it was a fair price, if not a little on the cheap side all things considered. And the sharp among you probably noticed that I talked about the progress of this project in the past tense. I decided to rip back and take the pattern out. Mom wants socks, and I figure it'll get more work on it if it's something that I can work on during the down times in my game that I've been playing a lot of. So, yeah, the progress in that picture is a lie
Something interesting about the color choices of my mom and myself? I came across the same dyer on my first solo trip to ND to visit my grandma. Not only did I pick up some all those years ago, but some how mom and I picked the same color way, Sky Blue Pink. My sock and yarn look different because the yarn is different between what mom bought and what I bought. Also, allow some variation because of dye lots. (Mom's is 100% superwash, mine is 70% wool, 20% bamboo, 10% nylon.)

Bright Blessings!