And then I go silent for a little bit again. I've been meaning to talk to you guys, it's just that my head has been elsewhere lately. Like trying to figure out the best way to be productive and yet scratch my lazy itch at the same time. And that little nasty habit of setting aside all of the projects that even if they have a further away dead line probably should at least have a little work done on them daily. Like all of the auction stuff that I want to do for the family reunion. If I don't work on that a little bit each day it's just not going to happen. But getting the embroidery on my parent's presents and getting the socks done for my mom sound like those should be the priority. Not to mention that I should be getting my patterns written up, which means that I need to knit the darn things so that I can get them up and in a place for sale.

In that line, I'm a little sad. One of my knitting friends here in person is going to be giving it up. Not because it's hard for her, but because of some of her physical ailments and it's just not working out anymore. Given that we have similar problems from time to time and she's old enough to be my mom, it just kinda makes me stop and think about if I have to give up knitting at that age because my wrist won't allow me to get much knitting done anymore. Like yesterday she gave me a bag full of yarn that she's not going to use. I'm happy to get the yarn, don't get me wrong on that, but it's sad to know that it's because she's not going to be able to knit it herself. Anyhow, I'll do my best to get you some pictures for tomorrow. (Like maybe the head, torso, and tail of a pink dragon.)

Oh! For the accent color on my dragon, I can't decide if I want to use purple or a bright blue (I guess it would be called cyan or something similar). Leave a comment on your choice.

Bright Blessings.