okay, maybe an actual update?

So, yeah, it's a short scarf. I remember when I made my dad's first scarf it was short, but really short (granted, the concept of gauge had not been discussed with me at that point.) It was just long enough to fold in front and seal any cracks and let out any warmth, so that's what I was aiming for here sure I could have worked another couple of rows eeked out each every inch I could out of that yarn but meh it soft and cuddly. (Watch my grandma steal it.)

Okay, so this is the last bit of knitting I need to do for Matthias' present, and then maybe I can send it off for him to get it. It's a thing, and that's all I'm going to say about it. Mainly because it's not my place to talk about his business, unless it's with him. You're free to guess what you think it may be. I was highly entertained the time that it can hold a fold. I'm not wrecking my wrists, but I'm using a stitch pattern that makes a tight fabric, mainly because too many holes to make it kind of pointless.

Bright blessings!