One would hope that at some point I'd just get used to this whole posting regularly thing. Part of it is that I had a possibly fun new idea to post around once week. Basically would be a vlog, but you get to watch me knit while I talk. Granted, I had this great idea at the same time I got sick and had a bad cough that threatened to make me lose my voice. I likely was more sick than I wanted to admit, too. I hardly knitted for that couple of days I was really down with whatever crud. Then I kicked myself in the rear because I don't have time to goof off. still balked at knitting the second cuff, and there was at least one hiccup while knitting that, I forgot to yarn over and had to go back and fix that, but otherwise it wasn't that bad. Well, other than I just realized that I forgot to go pick up no-rinse wool wash. So either I try and see if the one yarn shop here is open or I write an i.o.u. for grandma's present, I'm leaning towards the latter.

Then Matthias' thing has been my main go to project for the past couple of days. The little green marker shows today's progress, which probably could be better, but I'm not all that worried about getting lots done on it right now. (Given that I'm not even going to take it to my aunt's house should say something.) But, I've got a good ways to go for that, because it's just at the length it could be pinned and used for it's purpose, but it's not supposed to be pinned so longer it's gotta be.

Bright Blessings!