Well, I lied, but it's all good

So, apparently the inner knitter has be silent, which is actually good because she slows down my knitting. Which is bad because I'm knitting on a deadline, and I actually spent most of yesterday knitting, and you can see that I got a good deal done on the sock. Actually, that's a bit deceiving on how much I actually got done yesterday. I got up to the hidden ribbing. In the picture to the left that would be about where the needles are sitting. Yeah, it appears that when I actually work on something it actually grows a bit like magic, or maybe hair. You don't notice that it's growing and then you turn around and it's time to do something different.
One thing that doesn't seem to be showing up all that well in any of the pictures is that the yarn isn't actually solid. There are little stripes of a little bit darker blue. You can kind of see it around the shaded part of the toe up above. I decided that since these are for my grandma that I'd make and extra special folded over cuff. Part of that is she does have a swollen leg/foot and isn't suppose to be wearing anything constricting on that leg. I figure if the bind off is a few inches away from the leg that there's no chance for binding. Though I actually have no clue if they'll actually stay up. I guess that would have been something good to figure out before now. I'm hoping that little bit of ribbing will help. (Also? This is probably one of the few times these socks will see snow. That grandma is basically wheelchair bound, so I'm not too worried about her wearing through them.)

Also? As I was heading out to get those pictures I remembered that I have another present that I wanted to make. I really should make a list of these things a few months ahead and figure out how long it'll take me to make things, then I wouldn't be rushing towards a deadline. Granted, I'm glad that I've been introduced to the gaming community on Youtube because that gives me something to help me entertain my brain while my hands go. But I should probably get back to knitting, got music going now because I'm working a lace pattern and that takes a bit more attention. Oh, well, I'm sure my grandma will love these, until my grandpa felts them...

Bright Blessings!