Progress? Um, Well...

So, mending is a slow process, and when I thought I was done with one sock, I found another worn area that should be tended to. Doesn't help that I don't have a good bright lamp or light to shine on my work. That made it a little hard to see where the needle was suppose to go at times. And it was rainbow yarn I was mending, so it's not like it was overly dark or anything. So I need a lamp, or a good book light at least.

And then there's Christmas knitting, which would be moving along nicely except I need to finish the stuff for Matthias, this scarf, a pair of socks (at least 13 hours), and two wine bottle cozies. Granted, the scarf and the socks are about all that need to be finished "on time." Poor Matthias is still waiting for last year's presents (they're done, I just need to get them in the mail). The cozies and Matthias' stuff needs to be mailed, and it's not like I'm known for a paragon of being on time for this. (I can manage miracles sometimes, but well, you'll see.) And my parents can wait for theirs, and I asked them some pretty specific questions so the longer it takes me the less they'll remember about it. And I probably shouldn't have spent most of yesterday playing Terraria. I don't really regret it, it's a fun game, but I have better things to be doing with my time right now. Though one good thing about this scarf is it's 20 stitches, not all that long. Brioche stitch might mean it'll take a few more rows to complete than usual, but I want something nice and thick for Grandpa. We'll see if I can stay off Terraria any better today.

Bright Blessings!