Christmas is coming up, and I really haven't started any knitting. Well, there's the start of a scarf for my grandpa. What you see in the picture is about one days' worth of work, and it's honestly not much more has been worked on this scarf. My brain decided that today was sock mending day, and that I should have at least one a week. Though I always feel weird when I darn my socks, because it's something that I feel is so rarely done, but I know I'll be happier in the long run if I take the time to mend what I took all that time to make in the first place.

I know I can pretty freely talk about my gift knitting at this point because I know all of the people who I knit for pretty much don't read this, and if they do, they don't talk to me about what I write here. (Or I haven't told them about my blog yet, and I don't think of them being very web savy to find me by searching.)

Bright Blessings!