Warning: mature language, and a need to vent

So one day while I was at work (I don't talk about it much because it isn't relevant to most things I want to talk about here) I was asked three questions by a younger, female coworker. "Do you have children?" "No." "Are you married?" "No." "Do you have a boyfriend?" "No." And in a strange way I felt like I was being judged, and not in a favorable light. Also, to the last question? I suppressed the urge to add "Not from a lack of want." Not that it would change anything. Shouldn't another woman be able to think of other things to ask me to find out about who I am? She already knows I'm silly, I was attempting to tickle her with a feather duster at different times. But also, when was it the most important thing in our society for a woman to be paired off and breeding? (Please don't take this as I'm against children. I'm not, and would like to have at least one at some point, just not now. I don't feel I'm ready for that responsibility.) I don't want to bring in children into this world when I'm not ready mentally or financially, but I also don't think my place on the breeding scale should be relevant to what kind of person I am. And honestly? I remember reading somewhere a show (Ice Truckers, I believe. Never watched it myself) where there was a woman who had a very interesting background, more so than the men, but none of that was put up on the website until after her break up with her current boyfriend. Yet, all the men had full profiles the whole time. That's probably what annoyed me. It was an attempt to label me as "so and so's girlfriend." when I want to be know as me first, and I shouldn't have to defend my lack of being attached to a penis to breed. (Heck, who knows if I'll ever pick up one. Clits are just as fun.) (Actually, somehow I've been reminded of Aine during all this. I'll have to tell you about her some time.) I'm paraphrasing a friend there. I complained to her even earlier than all of this about coworkers telling me I should be married and she's gotten similar guff. Her response to me was, "I'm not going to throw myself at the first penis I see to make someone else feel better about themselves that I'm paired off and breeding." It's something that's highly colors the way I see this, if you couldn't tell.

Bright Blessings!