I know I've been really lax about talking about my spiritual stuff and magic, but mainly I'm really lax about my spiritual life. Heck, I have a hard time remembering to do my nightly devotions. I blame part of that on my family, we weren't into spiritual practices growing up. (Which is a really weird sentence if you know my dad's job.)

Now, one thing I do try to remember to do at least for while I'm at work (or generally in public, horribly shy in person) is shielding. Part of my shyness is being around large groups of people is sensory over-load for me sometimes. For work? I just feel people's frustration and anger too much and it throws a wrench in my day (and makes it harder for me to focus). Shielding helps me block that all out and focus on what I need to do.

Now, when I shield I generally pick two colors that best fit what I want to do (usually the colors are purple and silver) and visualize those colors surrounding me. I don't claim to know how others visualize this, and I'm actually curious, comment and let us know how you visualize your shield. For me, the colors tend to organize themselves into knitting patterns. A couple of the ones I remember are entrelac and Fair Isle crosses. Granted, when it's fair isle I see the "floats" on the inside. (Is it weird that I have that much detail?)

And seriously, I'm curious how other visualize their shields, tell me. (Please feed the hungry author's curiosity, it's been rumbling for a while now.)

Bright Blessings and safe days!