BoS, The Craft & crafting

I have a messy BoS set up, but in it's own way it's organized as well. I use many notebooks devoted to a subject, though a topic within said subject don't have to be all on one page. In one I'm exploring an idea that I'm not sure others have talked about. The main form of spell casting that interests me is making sachets with stones, herbs, oils, and other items. Granted, that means I need a piece of cloth to tie it all up in. One of my books recommends keeping a stash of wool or cotton cloth in 5 or 8 inch squares on hand for such things. Well, you can  probably guess that I had an idea creep into my head. Why not make the cloth myself?

I wouldn't even stick to the wool and cotton as mentioned above. Oh no, why not align the fiber with the purpose of the spell? Like angora. Bunnies, what do bunnies make you think of? Raise your hand if you didn't, as in did not, think of fertility. (For the yarn and fiber challenged among you, angora comes from the rabbit of that name while mohair comes form the angora goat. That confused my dad too.) Now, I still would have cotton and wool on hand, as they would be my work horse yarns of sort for this. Though, you know what "paper" money is made from here in the States? Cotton.

One thing that I believe lends to my idea of making the sachets or what not myself? A lot of the time, your spell actually begins before the actual casting in the prep. While knitting I can start to focus on the out come of my spell. That energy could be focused and fused early on. At least that's my take.

Bright Blessings and Happy Crafting!