So, lately I've been trying to spend as little time as possible just "doing nothing." Granted, most of my job is just to be at the slowest register in the building to ring up people if they want to eat the store or similar. So that several hours and not having much to do some days. (Honestly, it depends on the time in the day, and it's for offering any specials. Some days are crazy, and you can't get a break it seems.) Sometimes I write to keep myself entertained, but how much I have to write on any given day varies and so at times I'm still left with time that I don't have very much to do. In these times I do my best to remember to practice looking for auras.

Granted, I haven't been able to see much lately. At the best of times, it's mainly just the etheric body. A couple of things that I've noticed are that it easier to see such things without vision correction (and if you know anything about me, I horrible vision without correction) and that there seems to be a golden distance. Too far away and it just blends and everything around it, too close and I'm looking to see if I can distinguish details of the person, or at least my brain seems to be doing that even though I may not be. I can't really to find the distant indeterminate number. I just know when people are in that as I start seeing I guess it's kind of a clear bubble or distortion that isn't how my vision just fusses out after a certain distance. (I only have about 12 inches from my nose of clear vision.) I do welcome any tips or tricks for being able to see auras better. Lately, I've just been doing practice practice practice.

Bright Blessings!