Despite some difficulties

So, that cuff got ripped back twice, once because I wanted to add that hidden ribbing. The second? Because I gained a stitch and couldn't figure out where it came from and didn't really feel like spending the energy to find it. I tried knitting on, but the pattern didn't line up, and so I ripped and starting from the start of the cuff. Then I lost a stitch, but I found it and fixed that. Probably messed up the gauge for that part of the sock, but I don't even remember where that was other than it was in the 4th row of the pattern.

And if we're talking about all the goofs I had on this cuff, we can't forget the two times I lost the rhythm of the lace pattern (yes, it's lace.) while knitting one row at work. Granted, my full attention wasn't on what was going on in my hands. But despite all that, I got the sock done today, and since my grandma has weird feet, the second one will go a lot faster than the first. Yes, I've started it, but I'm kinda wanting to stop thinking now since I've coughed myself a headache. (Went to bed one night without a cough, woke up coughing the next morning. I think it's just the dry winter air being mean.)

Bright Blessings!