I'm horrible at this

And I do kinda have an excuse for lately, moving settling into a new place, in theory learning new skills, and just a whole bunch of other things that shake up one's life and may or may not be conducive to blogging. Yet, I'm always thinking of starting up again. I don't know quite what convinced me to come back, to write anew, and even now the misplacement of a recently started project threatens to derail the whole thing again. That is going to bug me. I started it just last night before I went to bed and now I can't find it.

Seriously, it's no where on the bed or nightstand. (Yes, I keep knitting on my bed at night. No, I don't try to sleep and knit.) It's not stuffed between the bed and wall, bed and nightstand, or nightstand and the wall. It's not on the floor under or around the bed. I've even looked in the pillow cases to see if I some how stuffed it in there while I was sleeping.

Okay, in all honestly, I've been typing madly between trying to find that dang knitting. It appears I shoved it between the comforter and the blanket. Don't ask me, I thought I put it up by the pillows. And then my camera's dead. Probably not surprising given that I don't remember when the last time I turned it on was. I'll get pictures at some point, and possibly get some of the Christmas knitting, which I actually finished on time.

So, now I'm curious, do you leave knitting on your bed? Why or why not?