I have been knitting

I swear I have, but probably not as much as I'd like for blogging. Mainly it's just laziness. I'm more playing games and most of the games I own and have access to at this point don't have very much down time. That and it's easier to set aside a controller and knit instead of taking my hands off the keyboard to knit. Distance and all that stuff. I've been trying to watch more videos and such, but there's so much I need to do, and things I want to do. So at times knitting takes a back seat to everything else. Life is happening and I'll probably have less time to work on all the irons I have in the fire. There's this blog, typing up my knitting patterns and set up a way to be able to sell them, and possibly getting into doing let's plays on YouTube (which at some point might lead to something, who knows). But that's not why you come here.

So this is the rainbow carp top that I've been working on since forever ago, it seems. I'm finally to the first arm hole whatchamacallit. Yeah, sure it looks like it lays nice with all the rest of the piece, but it's only attached on one side. I wanted to have it done and started on the next one. That may or may not show how I think the whole thing kinda goes together. Partly because my head can't make sense of what the words are saying, but I think I get what the picture is telling me. So I should be able to get it done. I still need to figure out where I'm gonna get the other size needles I need to do the sleeve caps. But that's still a good ways away, so I'm not too worried about it yet.

Bright Blessings!