Hey, Look! Something New!

Progress on the Rainbow Carp top continues apace. (No, I'm a dirty rotten lair. I'm pretty sure I haven't touched the thing since I took a picture of it for yesterday's post.) But honestly, I'm running out of things to talk about with it. (See also, dirty rotten liar.) So instead of painfully pulling teeth about something to say about something that really isn't giving me all that much trouble right now I figured I'd tell you about a different project. This is the sock I referenced when I was mentioning that I could have done something completely wrong on the top yesterday with the underarms because I can be a bit slow sometimes. (The bit that mystified me? A standard abbreviation for marker, and M1 marked as just M on the chart, and switching from reading charts and written instructions in quick session.)

What you see is the sole of the sock an just barely the start of the toe shaping. As I think I said, I found the pattern for this in one of the older issues of Interweave Knits (okay, I did my due diligence and found the issue in Ravelry. I could remember the cover but not when it appeared.) that I have. Granted, I have to fudge with the pattern every so often. I have small but wide feet, it seems. (I blame my mom, we have about the same foot measurements, though we wear different shoe sizes. Yeah, I've given up on trying to figure that one out.) To accommodate my "weird" feet, I cast on as for the smallest size, then followed the instructions, with some fudging of the numbers, for the middle size. So, I'm basically following the instructions except when it comes to telling me specific numbers, then I math and fudge it. I may futz around with the heel and toe pieces and see how big they are and then figure out the rest of the numbers on my own. But I do find it an interesting way to make a sock. Maybe not the way I'll always make them, but certainly a way to break up the monotony of knitting socks. I sometimes tire of seeing the strips lining up the way that they always way do. This doesn't completely stop that, but it does shake things up a bit.

Bright Blessings!