Dad's sock
I've been silent. That's mainly because I haven't been knitting all that much. Maybe a row here and there as I'm waiting to clock in at work, but nothing of great progress. Partly because most of my knitting  is put away when I'm not working on it because one idiot finds he can't resist eating it.

That's going to change for a bit here, I hope. I have two knitted gift deadlines looming. My Dad's birthday in the first week of May, and Mother's day the following Sunday. Not to mention that I'll likely make another pair of socks for my dad on Father's day too.

So, yeah, Dad's getting more socks. It was either that or buy him gravel for his fish tank. Mom is getting another pair of slippers. She said something after Christmas that she might need another pair, as I had commented she was wearing them all the time. There are also several improvements both she and I would like to add to them. I'l do a post detailing that later as I'm trying to keep these as much of a surprise as possible. It's a little difficult when I'm currently living back with them. We'll see how well I do.

Bright Blessings!