So, About Mom

This is one of the slippers that I made her for Christmas. My main problem with these (and I likely would have corrected if I hadn't been running short on time) is that the way I made them, the back is just a straight seem from the top to the heel. That leaves some wasted fabric just under the heel as it's generally a little more rounded. So, when I started this new pair, I put on one of my mom's slippers (I'm the model here, lucky mom and I have similarish sized feet) and pinched off the excess fabric at the bottom and counted the number of stitches I was holding on one side. (Okay, so I was also working out some gauge and needle size issues too. Apparently I've either tightened up or the yarn I picked out this time is fatter than the yarn I used last time.) So what I did was I subtracted those stitches that were just kinda useless from the original cast on and then slowly added them back a bit at a time, as you can see below, the heels of the two slippers look pretty different. Unfortunately, until I can get a helper or get to the point where I work in the round for the toe, I don't think I can get it to sit nicely on my foot for a photo. (And, yes, I don't need to use three needles yet, but it pleases me to do it that way.)

There was one thing my mom's mentioned that she'd like changed about the slippers. Cushion/support. My thoughts are that since I tend to by extra yarn just in case I might run out (which was a good thing because I needed a little extra on the last pair that I would use the gobs I have left to knit another sole and sew it on the bottom. Mom thought that it would also be wise to add something like a shoe insert for extra cushion/support whatever. Not to mention I still need to get the little suede gripper things. Or I could try some other way to prevent Mom from slipping and sliding around the house. (Though it might be fun to watch her slide all over the place...)

Bright Blessings!