My lastest top

so this is what I have of the project I've been working on for the last week or so. So the wind got knocked out of my sails a little bit when I tried it on as I was actually planning on wearing it and everything was the wrong size. The two pieces on top are for--well they're kind of like bra cups. Those were both too small. The bottom chain was for the back of the band that would go under the cups. and that ended up being too long. There will be a skirt for on the top where the skirt like section. I'm trying to pick up some of the enthusiasm and the momentum that I had for this project before I had to basically rip everything out. That part hasn't been so easy. I'm working on it slowly but I'm not making the same time I did the first time. Last time I worked each cup in about a day and a half. I'm far past that mark now. I'm still trudging along on it though, so I guess that's something.

On a related note, one of my co-workers keeps telling me that I should get into selling my patterns. I'm thinking I may. Granted, all of my patterns are in my head at this point and I need to get them written in some point, and possibly test knit (or crochet in some cases). I'm open to suggestions and helpful comments.

Bright Blessings!