Thinking Ahead

This is one of those things that I have down pat for knitting, but for other parts of my life I kinda fail: planning ahead and acting on it. This year on my mother's side with our family reunion we added an auction to help raise funds to cover up front costs of getting a place set up for said family reunion, but they only allow either local or handmade goods. (Given that this is the side of the family that taught me knitting, crochet, cross stitch, and sewing, not to mention that my grandma on that side is teaching me quilting. Not a hard thing to manage.) The reunion is held once every two years, and our last one was this June or July. Yeah, I'm thinking ahead on this one. And from what's running through my head you'd think that I'm trying to fill the auction table by myself. This is the start of one of at least two pairs of socks. Then there's going to be plushies or toys of some form, a set or two of dish/wash cloth sets, knit or crochet patterns of mine, and now I'm also thinking of making a couple of hats. That last one will take about about a day per hat, but yeah, if I got this planning ahead thing to work in other parts of my life I'd be set. ...I should tell Skidge about this, she'll think I'm even more magic.

Bright Blessings.