A Blanket

So, why is it that when I get an idea in my head that I can't get it out until I start working on it? I don't know, but if you look at the picture maybe you can figure out what type of pattern I'm using to decide the size of the blocks. I had one friend say it sounds painful because it would involve math. I really should have told him that all knitting involves math, because in some sense it does. Other than this really hasn't. You can call me a lier if you want, but picking up stitches off the side of an already worked piece isn't really a lot of math. That and I've already worked out to a fair point how many stitches/ridges I need for a fair bit a head of where I am. Granted, you can probably guess that the picture right there is a little old. A few days, I am further along than that shows.
Here's about where I am now. Yeah, and a cat decided to show up today to help me show you how much it's grown. Though it probably doesn't help all that much since the first picture doesn't have all that much of a sense of scale in the first place. Also, this new picture probably gives you a better idea of what I'm doing for my "pattern." There are actually two answers I'd consider right, but I want to see if anyone wants to guess. Though I do wish that the pink, black, and blue yarn would have flashed more, I find it pretty for some reason. Maybe I'll have make this kind of afghan again and use it on a smaller block or a larger one later on. Also? Kitty says that row counters are fun cat toys.