I've been thinking

And this post brought it to the fore again, and I may have talked about this before. What is it about someone else's failure that is so entertaining for others to watch or read about? I think some of it is comfort. Seeing that someone who is far more skilled than ourselves at whatever it is (Or maybe not, that blog I linked? I was laughing at it, laughing hard) who messes up or is unable to complete something that they are usually good at makes us feel not so bad about our own failures. Seriously, go read that blog and see if that particular post doesn't make you feel as bad about your own horrible mistakes. I'll wait.

For another example outside of knitting or crafts in general, as I've said, I've been watching a lot of TotalBiscuit's "WTF is..." videos on youtube. (this is actually part of a lot of the knitting time I've been having lately) My main reason for watching is to see what games I might find interesting, getting a free first impression for myself in a way, but sometimes there's a game I'm not interested but I don't skip over the rest of the video to the next one. I don't because even though the game isn't my style, TB is not doing so well with the game, either because it's not something that he thinks he's good at or the game mechanics just aren't that good and it's a struggle to do anything well. Those, though they seem far and few between are very entertaining for me to watch, because I don't always see myself as being very good at a lot of games.

Maybe just something to keep in mind the next time someone starts having trouble with something.

Bright Blessings!