I want

So, I'm bad about going to back to check things like Knitty and Twist Collective regularly. But on the latest issue of Twist Collective there's a blanket I want. Also, do you see it? Do you see why I would be interested in this blanket? I think in it's own way it's subtle enough that most people wouldn't see what I see unless they're of a similar mind as I am. The pattern name is Penta, and that there probably tells you what I see in this. Probably at some point I'll actually get around to buying the pattern. But this is something that I could see taking out to an outdoor concert and if I left it along not many would probably see why I like the blanket. I does look very much like a flower if you take the whole thing in. Though I am curious how many other knitting pagans or wicca are going to see this and want to make it.

Bright Blessings!