More Shirt

Okay, so I have another strip down on the top. I'm probably going to be flipping through projects currently. I don't remember what all you've seen, but I'm just going to show you a bunch of things. But now it seems like it's going to get confusing because I'm about to start on the strip that goes up into the underarm. Yeah, I stopped and took a picture when I was done with the strip. That seemed like a good point to move from my little computer nest. (It's not completely common knowledge that I actually have two computers, and I have a habit of writing on one while the other is running something that is minorly attention grabbing.) I'm also finding that even though I do want this top done, I'm finding the playing with the balls of yarn every second row a bit tedious and so I get tired of working on it after a while. But that's about all I've got right now.

Bright Blessings!