A bit more progress

This is probably going to get boring until I decide to pick up something else to work on for a little while. I got several squares done. Probably a less than I normally could get done in the amount of time I had. (I might have been stalling with the sock talk yesterday to cover the lack of progress I've been having.) I might have said that I wouldn't adjust colors so that colors wouldn't go matchy-matchy. Well, I lied. That's part of why I have a lack of progress. Or at least it feels like a lack of progress to me, but I see my progress and when I pull back because I'm not happy with whatever. It happens, and you should know by now that I'm a fickle, fickle knitter and will go back on my word because I'm not going to spend hours on something I'm not happy with. I'm horrible at that, anyhow.

Also, am I the only person noticing the vertical lines in the knitting? And is it weird that I think it's weird that there are vertical lines on it?

Bright Blessings!