So, as of right now, this is where I am in the sock. As you probably already know, I've been watching a bunch of youtube videos while I'm knitting. This in theory is not a bad thing. In theory, it's a very good thing because my mind is being entertained and informed while I'm working away on whatever I've picked up. (More working on my top right now, I want that done, but I do pick up the sock now and then.) (Also? You can see that I'm trying to magnetize my sewing needles in the back ground.) But you see, sometimes theory doesn't always translate well into real life. It appears that sometimes that I actually need to pay attention to what I'm working on instead of a screen somewhere in front of me. Want proof?

I have two pieces, two holes in the heel. Part of it was that was that the stitches kept slipping off my needle and then losing their wraps. Which normally would be a problem, I can pick up stitches, and have put wraps back around the stitches. This time? I couldn't tell which was the stitch and if I could, I couldn't find the wraps. You know that I'm not making this pair of socks for myself, and even if I was, I wouldn't stand for holes in the heel. That just feels like a really bad place to have holes, even if they don't affect the structure, but maybe that's just me.  But if, you can't read the dates on the smaller pictures, that was about three days ago. So, I didn't lose much time, all in all, but I should probably work on it more. But, cold weather is coming, I want my top first.

Bright Blessings!