A little show and tell

So, after work today I decided that I should stop by a lys and pick up some yarn for a couple of things. I don't doubt or condemn the shop owner for trying to get me to pick up more than I was there to get, that's part what pays his rent. I was just in there for a couple of nice things and was going to be on my way after a standard look around at everything they have anyhow. The top yarn is for socks, the bottom yarn is for gloves. Which I'm going to go into without a pattern really. I've done it before, so I'm not all that worried about that. Any left over yarn will probably go to my altar cloth project. (Hey, that's what I was using anyhow, if people couldn't tell.)
Now, this is the yarn I got on vacation. I'm planning to knit up a shawl with it. I haven't seen this floating around in Omaha, and that's something I look for in yarn that I'm going to buy from a place when I'm off on vacation. I want something that I can't usually get here. Or maybe I'm just being too particular about it. I was thinking of using this for another shawl that I want to make. (I do have a plan for having lots shawls, I gave myself a crazy number but can't recall it right now, probably somewhere in the thousands.) And I doubt anyone would say that a shawl in those colors you see right in that picture wouldn't be pretty. I found a bonus when I came home though.

It's rainbow. If you're astute (which I'm sure all of you are), you'll have noticed that the last pair of socks I finished were made with rainbow yarn. I had another pair of rainbow socks made with Blue Moon's Pride color way, but they got a mysterious hole and I had no spare yarn with which to mend them. I also have another ball of rainbow sock yarn sitting in the wings. Let's just say I have a thing for rainbows and rainbow colorways. This pleased me no end to find. But now I'm wondering if I shouldn't work a different shawl from what I was planning. This might require some research, and I'm always open to suggestions!

Bright Blessings and many pretties to you!