What I've been working on

So this is the bottom of a bag for a friend. It's part of the birthday/christmas present that I make for him (I actually make two things, this is part one). What it's a bag for, well that's for him to say. I know I can show this without being stealthy 1) because he basically already knows what he's getting and I talk to him about it a lot just making sure that I'm making it big enough 2) he doesn't check blogs. I still have at least two inches to add to the diameter before I can actually turn and start the sides. That will go faster once I can figure out what's going on with my wrist, as it's knit. I'm being as careful as I can with it. Part of that would be what else I've been working on.
Which I'm just testing to make sure that I have an actual circle. I adjusted a different chart to make this one. Granted, it's smaller than the original one I made, but this chart is bigger just smaller fabric. Which, putting this in that hoop gave me the idea to make this one images of the symbols of each of the elements for room decorations. Would make being closeted about that be hard, but given that I'm not trying very hard in the first place, doesn't seem like that big of a problem too me.

Bright Blessings!