Sometimes I am weak

A couple of days and I get that far on a new project. According to the pattern and the picture here, I'm working on the 11th block and will have one more to knit before starting on the second row of blocks. I am enjoying seeing how the colors shift and change together, though I'm thinking color b will start to lag further and further behind color a. I may be wrong I may be right, we'll have to see. Also, I recently bought sims 3. I've been meaning to get it for a while, but I wasn't willing to pay the amount they wanted for the game when it came out. (Then I forgot about, then a friend introduced me to Steam and I found it again, but was broke, then I had money and contemplated getting other games, so on a so forth until I actually go it.) So I may get more knitting done in the evenings now when I play. We'll see, as this top does require some thought about it while I'm knitting. Also, any suggestions for good games that you can knit during as well? (Mine, other than Sims is Wild ARMs 1-3 and Alter Code F, wait until the battles to see what I mean.)

Bight Blessings and happy gaming!