Christmas Socks

Uh, yeah, not working on Christmas stuff for this year, I'm still a little behind from last year. Not that starting Christmas knitting now would be a bad idea... Then again I only remembered about Christmas and that I needed to make stuff for family about a week before the actual date. Yes, I'll be able to knit four gifts in a week with a slightly bum wrist. (I somehow did something bad during NaNoWriMo, it hurt, I wore a brace and was nice to it.)

This is the last bit of holiday knitting I have to do. At least once I finish the last round of the repeat I'm starting the heel of the sock, but it's the first sock... But after this project is done I can move onto other things like Project Chimental or something like that. (No, really, Chim will be so happy and squee if I show him a post about the project.) But I should probably get back to that whole knitting thing...

Oh! Though I am pagan, the rest of my family is Christian and I celebrate family togetherness and all that with them on Christmas. I celebrate my own holy days on my own on those days. Just so you know.