The gift sock

Right, so I have been working on it. The pattern is fairly easy so I like to have some sort of something else to put my brain on while my hands just do. (Hey, I learned to knit about 16 years ago, there are some perks to having knit that long.) The sad/scary part is I want this project done. I'm a little tired of socks, socks, socks. Or maybe I'm tired of knitting things for other people. Scary because this is just the first sock. Really, I want to start Hunter or Crystal of Chimental. I think I'm tired of the slightly mindless following a pattern from a book, even if that's not what I'm doing, where as most of the Mass is me winging a pattern as I go. (Oh, I should have said that a couple posts back...oops.) Anyhow, I'll keep plugging along on these socks, I mean at some point they'll be done and I can start on Hunter, right? (Look to the right bar to find a list of current projects in process, I kinda want to bring that down to a smaller number, maybe something a little more manageable.)

Bright Blessings and see you guys later.